Taking into consideration the multitude of companies knocking on your door after a storm, one must secure their investment. Your house is more than a place you go after work. More than just a roof your sleep under, it’s where you live, your family lives. It’s your home.

At no point should you accept the services of a company you do not have faith in. The salesman at your door is just that, he is there so sell you. This industry has some of the best salesmen out there because the restoration of your roof is extremely lucrative. The intent is the same regardless of the company you chose and after a storm or if you are looking for any construction project most companies are on the same page, to get the contract.

The salesman is not to blame for poor workmanship, nor is he responsible for failed promises. The management, the owners of the company are. 99% of all salesmen you encounter are sub-contractors and have no control over the ebb and flow of the company they represent.
Fliers, websites, fancy signs in your yard, these items can be obtained by anyone and have no bearing on the quality of workmanship you will receive after you sign that contract. We all know your project needs to be resolved, as your insurance company has paid you to do so. So what can you do when there are dozens of salesmen at your door?

Here are a few steps you can take:

1. Listen to the salesmen. Doing this will give you information on how the process works. After a few pitches from various people knocking on your door you will have a general idea on what is going to happen.

2. Keep all business cards and information provided to you and be sure to make notes for each company.

3. Ask questions regarding their insurance knowledge. An uneducated salesman will have a disadvantage maximizing your claim ensuring you are taken care of.

4. Ask questions about their construction methods and for references of past clients.

5. Try to have your ideal candidate company be there for your insurance adjustment. It is VERY important you have educated representation in order to recognize all damage on your property!


7. Once you have a company in mind for your restoration project, schedule a meeting and are prepared to sign a contract that coincides with your insurance paperwork. Remember your sales rep is just as busy as you so don’t waste precious time by asking questions that could be asked over the phone.

8. Trust in your judgment! You have gone this far now it’s time to let the professionals take over. Give your contractor room to provide the best service they can.

9. Make sure after the project is completed your invoice for the balance is reflected upon the insurance paperwork and that you receive some sort of warranty for the project.

All of these steps including the confidence to move forward will be provided to you by your FSB rep. Your choice for a top quality contractor that treats your home as his own will be apparent the first meeting with our highly trained sales staff.

Each representative has proven themselves in the field of construction and insurance restoration projects time and time again. Their attention to detail and the personal attachment they feel towards every project reflects the interest of Full Spectrum Builders, INC. and that is why there will be no better choice for you to move forward on your construction project!